Ford Indicator Lights


We know that the dashboard warning light system on your Ford can often look like mysterious hieroglyphs. That's why we've deciphered some of the more common and easy-to-fix indicators. Otherwise, consult your owner's manual for a complete diagram of the lights, or schedule service with us today.

Oil Can

This classic icon indicates low oil pressure. There can be a number of causes for a loss of pressure. The most common is cause is simply low oil level. Wait for your engine to cool and determine your oil level. If the level appears to be normal, consult a service specialist.


Engine Coolant Temperature

There's an icon that appears to be a thermometer in fluid. If this one lights up, you might also notice the temperature gauge rising. Your coolant could be low; your fan or thermometer could be faulty; or you could have blown a hose. In any case, never drive a car that is overheating.


Car Battery

This one is obvious, isn't it? It indicates that your battery is not holding sufficient charge. Have one of our service professional test your battery a faulty connection or depleted power, right here at the  Five Star Ford Stone Mountain Service Center in SnellvilleGA near Atlanta.


Brake Hydraulic System

If you notice the icon that looks like an exclamation point inside a circle come on, this indicates an issue with your brake hydraulic system. A common cause can be low brake fluid. The brake hydraulic system is pressurized and should never lose fluid if healthy. Either way, it's time to see a professional.


Low Tire Pressure Warning

An icon with an exclamation point inside the cross-section of a tire indicates that one or more of your tires is low. We will re-inflate your wheel, seal any punctures or get you brand new tires from our Parts Center, to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road. 


When it comes to the dashboard warning lights on your Ford, think like a doctor. The lights indicate a symptom. Handle the symptom by all means but you also need to seek out the cause of the issue. The dashboard warning light system is designed to help you prevent and fix problems with your car. Don't ignore it! Bring it into our Service Department and will take care of the issue for you.